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  1. Humanists UK is delighted to announce the appointment of three new patrons: critic, feature writer, and novelist Stephanie Merritt; feminist writer Zoë Fairbairns; and women’s rights campaigner Wendy Savage.   Stephanie Merritt is a critic, feature writer, and novelist, best known for her series of historical fiction thrillers featuring Giordano Bruno, under the pseudonym S. […]
  2. Dr Oliver Scott Curry will deliver the Darwin Day Lecture 2021, taking place on 12 February 2021, Darwin Day itself. The event, a highlight of the humanist calendar, will take place fully online for the first time, and will be chaired by Humanists UK President Professor Alice Roberts. This new science of right and wrong […]
  3. Faith-based RSE resources saying contraception is wrong, that gay and lesbian people cannot marry and must entirely abstain from sex, and that men were ‘created to initiate sexual relationships’ and women to be ‘receiver-responders’ are being used in schools across the UK, Humanists UK can exclusively reveal. The resources, which form part of a Catholic […]
  4. Over 500 people tonight joined the first Humanists UK event of 2021, hearing from a panel of experts about secularism around the world and the challenges it faces. Multi-award winning journalist Samira Ahmed chaired the expert panel, including Humanists UK Chief Executive and author of Secularism: Politics, Religion, and Freedom Andrew Copson, Dr Nazila Ghanea, […]
  5. Humanists UK is supporting an amendment to the Trade Bill due to be voted on in the House of Commons tomorrow, that will enable the High Court to determine whether another country is committing genocide, and, where such a determination is reached, would revoke bilateral trade agreements between that country and the UK. The amendment, […]