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  1. Humanists UK has welcomed calls from a House of Commons Committee for a fundamental review of the House of Lords to include whether bishops should remain in the House. The House of Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee has considered existing proposals to reform the House of Lords and has concluded that further radical […]
  2. Humanists UK has challenged new findings that faith schools perform academically better than other state and private schools, highlighting research which shows many religious schools socially select their pupils which is why they might seem to perform better. A report in the Sunday Times concluded that faith schools account for almost half of the 500 […]
  3. A piece in the Sunday Times about Humanists UK President-elect Professor Alice Roberts has led some to conclude that she and her husband chose to send their children to religious schools, whilst simultaneously campaigning against them. This is incorrect. In response to the piece, Alice commented: ‘We applied to the only two non-religious state schools […]
  4. In a progressive move forward for women’s rights around the world, the United Nations has announced a shift on its abortion policy, calling on countries to remove barriers which prevent women from having a safe, legal abortion. The United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) has stated in a new general comment on the International Covenant […]
  5. A new report on the role of faith in Britain’s communities has failed to adequately recognise the hugely valuable contributions of the non-religious population to their communities, according to Humanists UK. Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth, UK Minister for Faith, published Faith in Communities: Bridging the Divide, which narrowly reports how faith communities help to make […]