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For the one life we have
  1. Australia’s Northern Territory Parliament has passed a law which decriminalises abortion and introduces buffer zones around abortion clinics. Following a full day of passionate debate, the bill passed by a vote of 20 to 4, to the delight of its supporters in the public gallery. The law will come into force in July. The British […]
  2. ‘Faith’ schools in England are ‘more ethnically segregated than schools of no faith’ and ‘more likely to cater to more advantaged students’, new research has revealed. The report, entitled Understanding School Segregation in England: 2011 to 2016, examines the level of segregation within schools by comparing the ethnic make-up and free school meal eligibility of […]
  3. The Liberal Democrats have passed new party policy to support an end to religious selection in state-funded schools in England. The policy also calls for all state schools to teach impartial education about religious and non-religious worldviews that is inspected by Ofsted, for much stricter limits on religious discrimination in ‘faith’ school employment, and for […]
  4. The Office of National Statistics has published new statistics on the number of marriages, both same- and opposite-sex, which occurred in England and Wales in 2014, the first year that same-sex marriages were legally recognised. The statistics have revealed that just 23 couples out of the 4,850 who had same-sex marriages, or just 0.47%, opted to […]
  5. Members of the House of Commons yesterday voted by 172 to 142 in favour of a Ten Minute Rule bill brought by Diana Johnson MP, to decriminalise abortion in England and Wales. Currently women across the UK can be sent to jail for having an abortion without the permission of two doctors, even if she […]